“David is the consummate host. Fine Wine, fine food, exceptional out of way accommodations typical of the country visiting.  We have been on 3 of his tours and hope for more. Have traveled for 30 years and been on over 50 tours – none can top A Cooks Tour for getting to know a region or country.

David’s tours are never the usual stops. He always finds something really unique and special.”
T. Stump, Scottsdale, Arizona

“Imagine visiting truly beautiful places around the world, staying in charming boutique accommodations and eating delicious local cuisine while drinking the wines that have made that particular region famous.  Now add the knowledge of how to and the confidence to prepare the very dishes you have enjoyed.  Finally, you get to share these wonderful experiences with a group of old and new like-minded friends. My memories of these trips (3 and counting) I will be with me have forever….THANK YOU!!”
J. Hardebeck, Maple Valley, Washington

My husband and I have enjoyed two trips with David. And, as soon as our schedule permits, we’re planning more. David is a fun and informative tour leader. He is responsive to individual needs and questions before, during and after the tour!
A. Henneman, Lincoln, Nebraska

I have had the pleasure of going on the Taste of Provence tour 3 times and the taste of Tuscany once with David! The accommodations are spectacular; gorgeous, comfortable rooms and stunning country setting . The itinerary never fails to surprise and delight me and I always hate to leave! The staff and chefs are professional yet personable. I have made new lifelong friends and had many memorable meals! David is more than a tour guide..his casual, friendly approach immediately makes you feel relaxed and at home. He has expert knowledge of the area and an unflappable desire to make sure everyone has an unforgettable experience!  If you love amazing regional food and wine ,cooking, shopping and visiting quaint villages, wineries and markets this tour is for you!! I can’t wait to go back!
L. Enders, Sugarland, Texas 

“In the past five years, my wife and I have enjoyed both David’s knowledge and his company on trips to France, Italy and South America. If we can fit our schedules to David’s, A Cook’s Tour is our first choice for travel.”
J. Finn, Columbus, Ohio

I’ve traveled with David, “A Cook’s Tour”,  to four different countries.  Each itinerary planned by David provided me the opportunity to immerse myself in the culture, food and wine of the country.  David is organized and very much in control of the trip.  He has a pleasant way in keeping all on schedule.  David uses very high quality guides, who are very knowledgable and speak excellent English.  The cooking and dining experiences can’t be any better.  The chefs I had the opportunity to meet and take classes from and the restaurants I ate in are some of the best in the regions I visited.  David is personable and approachable and after traveling with him four times I consider him a friend.
J. Jalil, Ramsey, New Jersey